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Your Company May be at Risk As a business owner, you need to preserve your company’s good image. The market can become competitive at times so in order to survive this competitive environment, the need to hire new employees is a must. And hiring new employees can really put your company’s status on the line. A comprehensive background check about the employee is a must. All recruiters want their employees to be dependable, successful and someone that they can trust. The productivity of your company will also depend on your employees’ productivity rate. Due to our generation’s current status, you cannot immediately decide to hire an employee. Other businesses are going through a lot of difficulty because it so happened that they have an employee who is taking banned drugs. These employees do not just harm independently, the employees and the whole company can also experience the damages. Therefore, demanding your job seekers a drug test at trusted examining centers and other great companies will be a big help. This can also enable you reduce the spending of too much money in training employees that are not a hundred percent certain to be employed. The drug assessment obligation is much better to be handled by professionals like clear star.
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There are several types of drug testing that is made available by companies. The most frequent test used would be the urine drug testing. Urine Drug Screen or UDS is a quick and painless test wherein it tests your urine for presence of certain illegal drugs. This test is less surgical because it does not involve a needle stick. The test checks for alcohol, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, narcotics and other known illegal drugs. Another method would be hair testing. This test analyzes the hair sample from the head or any part of the body. The sample is then sent to a laboratory to be examined for presence of illegal drugs. The sweat that the body produces is an alternative biological matrix that is why it can also be used for drug testing. Oral fluid testing, on the other hand, examines your saliva sample for parent drugs and their metabolites. During the test the saliva sample is tested by laboratories to also tested to make sure if it is from a human. The saliva test will help figure out if there are any drugs used within the past day.
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Drug testing is not the only way to know your employees, conducting personal interviews together with another person from the company can also help. If the applicant passes the drug test and other test that you require them to take, then it is the time to hire that person and train him/her to become the best employee. A drug-free environment for your employees can help improve their performance and their relationships with each other. A safe environment produces reliable products, happy workers, and satisfied customers.