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Blue Crabs: What Are They?

Blue crabs are often serve in various restaurants as a matter of fact it is one of the prevalent seafood that is well – liked by many people. If you are looking for cost – effective seafood then this one is perfect for you since it is affordable unlike other crustaceans like lobster. The taste and the manner of cooking this type of crabs vary depending on the location since they are mostly found in various areas in the world. However, sometimes people are hesitant to prepare this one at home because of their frightening look. It is quite frustrating to know since you can really make several types of dish using this type of crustacean. Some of the food which makes use of these crabs as one of their ingredients are as follows: steamed crabs, boiled in soups, fried like crabs and even into sandwiches.

Knowing certain facts about them will surely ease your discomfort and anxiety hence if you want to learn some things about them it would be best to read the following. Blue crabs belong to the order Decapoda which means they have five pairs of legs moreover their bodies are also protected by a hard exoskeleton that is made of carapace. The shells are their not just to protect them but also to house their soft bodies. Another fascinating about them is that there are times when their old shell starts to molt so that they are able to make new one. This process often sets the difference between hard shells and soft shells. Soft shell crabs often have soft shell during the initial stage of their moulting. The hard shells on the other hand arise when the new shells develop.

The freshness of the crab is very important hence when you shop for blue crabs make sure they are fresh. If you want to avoid getting digestive related problems then you must not obtain those dead crabs. Choosing the fresh ones ensure that they are alive and safe to eat. More people prefer those crabs that are aggressive rather than those that can barely crawl. Complete crab legs is also an indicator that the crab is in good condition. This only signifies that they were not obtain in a forceful manner.

When cooking these blue crabs, there is not much to worry since this is quite easy to do. Although they have a weird appearance there are several food that you can prepare using them. You can simply steam them, get the meat, add some butter to it and little bit of lime juice. You can also steam the whole crab. When the color of the crabs starts to turn orange, it would be best to take them out of the steamer. Steaming and adding of butter is good for those crabs that are already developed but not advisable to the little crabs. As for small crabs like blue crabs it would be best to deep fried them.

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