I Needed to Find a Way to Feel Safe in a Large City

For much of the time since I’ve moved to the big city, I found myself feeling very nervous about it. I came here just a year ago, and it was hard for me to get over just how many more sights, sounds and crime goes on in an urban area. It is so quiet where I spent the first 25 years of my life. However, things are really looking up now that I have had a security system installed in my apartment. I feel so much safer now, and I do not have to worry as much as I did for so long without one. My dad is the one who suggested that I get one. It makes him feel more safe about me being here now that I have one, too.

As a young child, I thought I would spend the rest of my life living in the tiny town where I lived with my parents. My parents had both lived there all of their lives, so that is all I knew. However, the older that I got, I began to realize that my dream of working with animals would only come true if I moved to a city large enough to have a zoo. The nearest one to my hometown was over a 3 hour drive away, and I knew that I could not drive over 6 hours round trip each day on a continual basis if I landed a job there.

After I got my degree, I began applying to many zoos within the state. None had any openings and I was starting to lose hope. About two months after I began sending my resume out, I got a call from the human resources department at a very large zoo that is located in the next state. I drove there for an interview and I got the job. This meant that I needed to move to live there full time. I love what a I do for a living now, and I also love that I finally feel safe here in the city now as well.