The Perfect Way to Spend a Prize

I went to Las Vegas to compete in a MOBA game tournament last month. The tournament had over 1,000 entrants, and I wanted to be the best out of them all. I got pretty far in the tournament, but eventually I lost. I was able to take home a $5,000 prize for getting as far as I did, which at least covered the cost of my plane tickets and hotel room. I used some of the money to get one of the Latina escorts in Las Vegas and to gamble at the casino.

I was surprised at how soon I was able to arrange a meeting with one of the escorts. I though that they woulndn’t be able to give me one at such short notice, but their website had many available. The escort introduced herself to me in the nicest way, which I thought was pretty cute. We went to the casino first and had some fun playing all of the games. Through sheer luck, I was able to win three times the amount that I won at the MOBA tournament. I think the escort may have given me good luck at the casino that day.

After gambling, we were hungry, so we had a meal at a burger restaurant. It was one that only exists in the Las Vegas area, so I had to try their food to see if it was as good as everyone else made it out to be. The escort had been to the restaurant before and recommended one of her favorite dishes to me. The food was even better than I expected. It’s a shame that the restaurant doesn’t have a chain. The escort and I were feeding each other french fries from our plate and laughing the entire time while doing it.

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