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Just Some Facts about Levator Ani Syndrome

The pelvic floor is composed of layers of muscles that are typically called as pelvic floor muscles, and the said part of the pelvic region acts as support on the organs within the said part of the human body or the organs that lie on it. The pelvic floor muscles have its own primary function and that is to provide the human beings with the ability to control their bowel movement, as well as, their bladder. The muscles on the pelvic floor should be strong in order to function properly, and having weakened pelvic floor muscles may lead to them experiencing difficulty on releasing the toxins on their body. Childbirth for women, obesity or overweight, and associated straining of chronic and long-term constipation, are just three of the most common causes of weakened pelvic floor muscles.

One of the most common disorders of women on their pelvic region is called as the levator ani syndrome, and such disorder is also described to be a type of nonrelaxing dysfunction of the pelvic floor. Apart from being called as a pelvic floor dysfunction, two other terms that are being used to call it include chronic proctalgia, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. The individual who hs developed the said disorder may experience extreme or chronic pain on the layers of muscles situated on their pelvic floor, especially on their levator muscle. Intermittent or constant pain; relief from pain may be experienced when lying down; pain that may be aggravated due to stress or sexual activity; anxiety, depression, and extreme reduction on their quality of life; experienced pain while sitting; excessive relief or discomfort after a bowel movement; and invisible or absence of any visible pathology when test or exams were conducted; are jut some of the common symptoms that may be associated by the said health condition. Unfortunately, there are some instances wherein the said condition is being diagnose incorrectly, and some of the conditions that were mistakenly diagnosed by professionals include chronic anorectal pain, levator spasm, prostatitis, coccydynia, and piriformis syndrome.

There are a lot of national and medical centers that handle and specializes on the said disorder or condition, and one of the best centers in the world is located in the country of America, specifically in the state of California. The said national center is being led by professional and licensed doctors who specialize in urology or the branch of medicine that can also be called as genitourinary surgery. A six-day immersion clinic is being introduce by the said medical center, and the specific treatment that they are using to treat such disorder is what they call as the Wise-Anderson Protocol. Aside from teaching the patients on how they can successfully rehabilitate and cure their pelvic floor muscles, the Wise-Anderson Protocol can also help in lessening the anxiety of the patients.

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