Found a Friend Pretty Easily

When I first moved into the Parc Esta condo, I didn’t think that I would be able to make friend with anyone, but I was wrong. No matter where you go on the planet, you are bound to find someone who likes the same things that you do, and that goes for a condo. On the first day of moving into the condo, I was able to find someone that liked the same books that I do. I have been reading mystery books for a long time, but no one would ever talk with me about them because they just didn’t have the same interest as I did.

The person that I met lived a few doors down from my condo. He had also been into mystery books for a long time. We both even had the same favorite book and the same favorite author, which we thought was pretty wild. We could have been brothers, given how similar our tastes were. We hung out a little and had some lunch while talking about other books that we liked. The was going to be a film premiere of a book adaptation that week and we both wanted to go see it.

We went to the premiere together and the entire time, we were thinking about how close the movie was to the book. Normally when these adaptations are made, they aren’t exactly the same as the book, and people don’t like it, but in this case, things were exactly as they were in the book, and because of that, we were pleased with it. The guy and I are going to go to the book store later this week to find some more books that have been released. I think we’ll be talking about these books for quite a while, or until the next one.