Where You Can Repair Hvac In Bronx

HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The HVAC system, like any other system, is prone to disrepair and malfunction. In case that is the case, there are plenty of places you can have it repaired since there is definitely a place to repair HVAC in Bronx. This blog post is about getting inside the HVAC System to be able to decipher what exactly goes on in there. Below is a rundown of some of the major components, their importance, and what they do:

1.The Furnace – This is the component that hogs most of the space in the HVAC system. While it is mostly in the basement, it is a very integral part of the HVAC. Its work is to transfer air from the heat exchanger right into the air ducts. Talking of the heat exchanger, it is next up.

2.The Heat Exchanger -This part does not constitute the furnace. However, it is located in the furnace and features its own capabilities. It increases air to the air that comes in from the combustion chamber.

3.The Evaporator Coil – This component is also inside the furnace, but its work is a little different. It is most the conduit of the refrigerant. The coil also absorbs heat from the air that flows above it. The air that is now cold blows via the air ducts and throughout the home.

4.The Condensing Unit – The unit is same as the evaporator coil but intended for an outdoor HVAC system. In it, the unit trades heat with air that blows above it. One of the differences between the condensing unit and the evaporator coil is that the condensing unit emits heat.

5.Refrigerant Tubes -The metal tubes connect the condensing coil with the evaporator coil. That way, the tube connect the outdoor HVAC units with the indoor. The cooling refrigerant is under various temperatures.

6.Thermostat – The small appliance is found on a wall of the main level in the home. You turn on the heating system or air conditioning depending on the temperature you set it at.

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