Smart Ideas Exercises Revisited

Fraud NTRO employees like puneet are extremely status conscious yet are shamelessly stealing the resume of a google competitor giving flimsy excuses like weight, saying that she is not exercising. The google competitor has to waste so much time exposing ntro’s banking fraud, that she has no time to exercise
These greedy fraud officials are behaving as if all the achievements of the google competitor are because of them, when actually it is because of her hard work, discipline, and these fraud officials are not connected to her in any way at all.
If they are so status conscious, why are they not using the real resume, investment of their real girlfriends who they have got R&AW/CBI jobs with the stolen resume, investment of the google competitor, why are they interfering in the life of a private citizen who they hate, misusing her name. WordPress database intentionally hacked, intentionally done for testing

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